Women Empowerment Network

Conneting young women on their path to leadership

What we do


Providing women with a larger network that encourages experience sharing to help push careers and businesses to the top.


Through our self-development seminars we inspire women to take the necessary steps that brings them closer to the career or business they aspire to have.


Our Peer-to-Peer Mentoring programme encourages not only an attitude of learning but also provides the necessary support that helps improve self-confidence.

About the founder

Ayo Elizabeth is the founder of Women Empowerment Network. She graduated from a russell league university, with a upper class degree in Economics. Shortly after graduating she landed a much sought after graduate scheme with one of the top consulting firms in the world.

Soon after receiving the job offer, Ayo realised that although she had the technical skills to do the job required, she lacked the softer skills needed in order to properly manage her career. Throughout her academic life, she had received guidance and quality advice to help her make the right choice but found that such guidance was in great lack when thrown into the corporate world.

In an environment where women in the position of leadership are few and far between, Ayo realised that guidance on how to maneuver through the male driven corporate world was necessary if she was to have a successful career.

Women not only face unique challenges in the workplace but also in entrepreneurship, particularly because networking isn't always easy for us. A few years ago Ayo decided to start a new business in fashion technology, which was challenging due to the nature of her role. It was necessary for her to make new connections, which varied from contacts who ran venture capitalist funds to expert software developers. She found that most of these contacts were men, who she desperately needed to develop professional relationships with for possible opportunity creations.

Through the experience in working in FTSE 100 companies and starting her own business, Ayo realised that women lack the support system guidance and mentorship to help make good decision that relate to their career, business or even the general pursuit of their passions. It is for this reason that she created the organisation Women Empowerment Network.

We organise fun brunches, power lunches and even Afternoon Tea where women at the top of the careers share their experiences, help us understand how we can achieve our career goals, whilst naturally networking in a comfortable environment.

We want more women to actively pursue their passions and aim higher in their careers, with the support they need, which is why we are also launching peer-to-peer mentorship programme alongside an online discussion forum.

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